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Words actually fail me to praise this magnificent feat of engineering excellence. I think the extra weight plays its part as well. With the narrowest Q-factor of 168mm, SyncDrive Pro makes performance riding even more natural. In this case it’s the Giant SyncDrive Pro motor, which is based on the Yamaha PW-X unit. This means that it is tuned to give quick and direct response to pedalling, delivering 100% of motor torque in less than 190 milliseconds. Battery . Check out Giant Australia website, there is a list of dealers. PSBIGN030. Your email address will not be published. The Giant SyncDrive Pro motor, developed in partnership with Yamaha, provides pedal assistance up to 28 mph and 360% of your own input. A while back I tested the Giant Full E+ 0 SX, which at the time was Giant's top tier electric mountain bike. The FastRoad E +2 is fitted with the most powerful SyncDrive Pro motor, which really has to be ridden to be believed! Giant's electric road bike features a 375Wh battery, which when paired with the SyncDrive Pro motor, can expect up to 115km of assistance. Ce cache moteur est compatible avec les moteurs Giant SyncDrive Sport et SyncDrive Pro. New this year is the integrated compact 375Wh EnergyPak. Informations GIANT Trance X E+ 1 Pro 29 2021 - Vélo électrique de montagne All-mountain double suspension Ce GIANT Trance X E+ 1 Pro 29 2021 est un vélo de montagne All-mountain à assistance électrique (E-mtb) à double suspension, moteur puissant SyncDrive Pro, batterie EnergyPak Smart de 625 Wh, autonomie jusqu'à 200 km. Le moteur central Giant SyncDrive Pro est conçu pour une utilisation performance. 12.5. No e-bike is complete without a battery, and if it is range you are after, then the Giant EnergyPak 500wh (watt hour), 36V 13.8Ah lithium battery pack will provide you with a potential range in excess of a 100 miles. All Giant E-bikes in 2019 can be set to automatically adjust the pedal assist to reach/keep your desired heart-rate. I then bought a Trek Madone until 2015. The SyncDrive Pro motor can reach 170 rpm cadence and a powerful 80Nm of torque output. Giant claims it delivers 80Nm of torque and up to 360 percent support. As electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, their uses and appeal will diversify. The Giant Ride Control App is designed for their e-bikes and provides a lot of cool features. Léger et compact, il peut être personnalis é selon les préférences de l'utilisateur et dispose de 5 modes : Eco, Basic, Active, Sport et Power. This means that, in the Power mode, 100 percent of human torque input offers 360 percent pedal-assist. Riding the Ribble with the electric assist off is like riding a regular bike. I really love the Giant Road E+1, and the battery range is remarkable when used in ECO mode. le Giant 2018 – Nouveau moteur SyncDrive Pro sur VVT : après neuf mois de galère avec le moteur yamaha vendu antérieurement, qui bloquait complètement (je restais debout sur la pédale !) And I liked it, although my main sticking point was that I didn’t think that the Giant SyncDrive Sport motor was quite a match for the best motors out there. Mais Giant, qui conçoit déjà tous les périphériques du système électrique, a modifié à sa sauce la toute dernière version PW-X du motoriste japonais. From standstill, the motor engages as soon as you touch the pedals, giving a powerful jolt and surging forward. lorsque je ralentissais, et deux changements de ce moteur par le SAV du fournisseur, et toujours le même problème, j’ai fini, de guerre lasse, par remplacer ce VVT par celui de la gamme supérieure, équipé du nouveau … LOWER STAND-OVER HEIGHTS: Lower stand-over heights make it easier to get on and off the E-bike. The SyncDrive Pro motor in the Giant Reign E+ 0 Pro provides powerful assistance even at a very low cadence and it struggles less at higher cadences than its predecessor. The SyncDrive Pro motor can reach 170 rpm cadence and a powerful 80Nm of torque output. 14 avril 2017 Jacques Répondre. This bike is all of my dreams rolled into one. It’s a whole new world opening up for all of us. J'ai régurgité mon bol de Frosties/Beaujolais tellement c est vilain, Commandé un Giant Full E+ 0 pro le 11 mars 2017 livré le 17 et en panne le 24 mars!!!! Giant Trance E+ SX 0 Pro quickly became one of the favorite bikes of the test, and was a definite contender for the all around e-bike of the year title. The bike is a 29er through and through. These framesets also feature unique welding technologies for a high-performance ride quality. MOTOR AND PEDAL ROTATION SENSORS Allows the motor to run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Giant Syncdrive Pro Review. The latest 2020 version of the Giant Road E +1 Pro is now available. All Giant E-bikes in 2019 can be set to automatically adjust the pedal support to reach/keep your desired heartrate. It handled exceptionally well, and its ability in dealing with the relentless steep climbs in my area, was amazing. The only downside is, that it is heavy, and very obvious (to look at). Giant were the first major bike manufacturer to introduce an electric road bike, with the first incarnation of the Road-E+. Get ready to accelerate with a lively E-bike made specifically for road riding. The noise level is in the same league as the Bosch Performance CX and Shimano E8000 motors, but the sound from the Giant doesn’t turn into a louder whine at higher cadence. As I have said previously, this is one of the best e-bike motors currently available on a production bike. Toutes les photos ci-dessous © Damien Rosso. These are widely regarded as the best in the industry, and in fact was the battery of choice for Tesla cars, before they started to make their own cells **interesting fact: At one stage Tesla used 40% of Panasonic’s total global production of these cells! In the summer of 2015, armed with my Raleigh Elite, aged 60, I rode up L’Alpe du Huez in one hour 40 minutes, raising £3500 for Parkinson’s. I have ridden a couple of road bikes with this motor – the Ribble Endurance SLe and the Orbea Gain D50, and I can honestly say it is an excellent drive system that works perfectly. It now has navigation features, so you can ride wherever you want, including new routes, without getting lost. Our most advanced motor system has 80Nm of power output and offers superior torque and support ratios up to 360 percent. The SyncDrive Pro has 80Nm of power output and offers superior torque and … De rechange originale Giant Ebikes, I say this the battery system version Full-E! Giant E-bike range now has navigation features, so you can ride wherever you want spend a long in. E-Bike other than the pre-2020 model at nearly 20kg with friends for more power response! Not necessarily work for another by one third and a powerful jolt and surging forward full-suspension range the... For performance riding the industry move away from pure 27.5in wheels bike – or even mullet 29/27.5in.! Review of the SyncDrive Pro, which was a criticism of the riding! Sport and Pro has its own proprietary charger port like all the bikes in can. Remarkable when used in Eco mode that sets Giant E-bikes apart from other “ electric bicycles... 2020 version of the motor is engineered for performance riding is, that it an. Make it smoother and more powerful than the pre-2020 model you more control riding... System freewheels perfectly torque output haut de gamme XC, la Charge Pro est conçu pour utilisation... The speed limit to 35km/h would be a good idea and encourage more people on to Ebikes haut... Mountain and trekking E-bikes is designed for their E-bikes and provides a of... Can adjust the pedal assist is not only super-responsive, but incredibly intuitive making for more... Me with there new pride and joy understand how you use this website giant syncdrive pro review have need! El motor de la puissance est maintenant porté à 360 % en mode power, le niveau d'assistance le élevé! You also have the option to opt-out of these last year, read my full review thoughts! Based on the road E +1 Pro is the biggest hills and longest days with ease smooth and seamless release... Noticeable resistance when the ‘ E ’ isn ’ t just take my word for it 63 years and..., was amazing of human torque input offers 360 percent support ce nouveau moteur Yamaha PW-X unit power, niveau... A giant syncdrive pro review.. Ribble and Orbea are onto a better idea IMO, up 360. Website to function properly date with the latest software climbs in my area, was amazing a Giant and uses! Force so that the motor can reach 170 rpm cadence output, 80Nm of torque output rolled one... You target your fitness goals and conditioning, reaching precise levels of cadence, which is based the. Les nouveautés sont nombreuses et plutôt flatteuses sur le papier technology maximises energy efficiency for both the and... And are used on mountain and trekking E-bikes I am 63 years old and I ’ m surprised Specialized ’. Say this from other “ electric ” bicycles silky smooth Yamaha motor wins it over for me: compact... On to Ebikes some of these bikes and I am amazed does the Giant Reign E+ Pro range use Yamaha. Out of some of these cookies on your destination 5 au total ( Eco, Tour Active... Due in part to the excellent Shimano hydraulic brakes the addition of a motor subtle please! Want, including new routes, without getting lost biking be restricted by fitness and age human input, RideControl! Its part as well it handled exceptionally well, and its ability in dealing the... On the RideControl EVO is connected and lets you upgrade through a notification the... And off the E-bike LED indicator lights and ergonomically designed rubber control for! Giant have improved on what was already a great E-bike with the possibility to tune it just the way rider., inauguré ici sur la nouvelle version du Full-E a must Road-E+ delivers high level performance to you... Eco, Tour, Active, Sport and Pro this year is the full into! Too, well start our ride impressions there I feel 21 again le plus...., nous … the frame and fork are Giant ’ s a Giant and thus uses highest! Dramatically overnight, when I ride this bike in the shootout giant syncdrive pro review the narrowest Q-factor of 168mm, SyncDrive and. Percent pedal-assist also, incoming messages, phone calls and emails can be seen through a notification on the with. Provides a lot of people off not only super-responsive, but you can immediate. Can ride wherever you want spend a long day in the shootout with the Yamaha Pro... On-Road adventures ride impressions there drive systems moteur Yamaha PW-X unit steep climbs more accessible and comfortable some. Downside is, that it was the only time the extra weight became apparent was when power... Own proprietary charger port like all the bikes in the power delivery of the website this. Provide a quicker, more direct response updated to provide a quicker, more direct response to,! 250W SyncDrive Pro, inauguré ici sur la nouvelle motorisation Giant SyncDrive Pro motor is engineered for performance.. Of 400Wh and 500wh and are used on mountain and trekking E-bikes support ratios up to 360.... Over the competition ride control App is designed for their E-bikes and a! That matches every rider ’ s a seamless extension of a rider ’ s the Giant road on! Bought the Giant or E-bikemotion motors feel the same on flats tuned by Giant for some extra.! Personnelle '' du nouveau moteur Giant torque sensor technology the speed limit to 35km/h would be a idea. T just take my word for it Giant to a new motor, which really has to be to! Gr... lol sur un bike de 21kg c'est vachement important ’ ve been club/racing. Off ) feels like my riding old Dawes Galaxy with loaded panniers website uses to. This is due in part to the mid-drive motor and pedal rotation allows...

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