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But for larger ponds you’ll need to perform some simple calculations. Novice pond-keepers try to save a few pennies by turning the fountain off at night. LIUMY Solar Fountain Pump, 1.4W 150L / H Circle Solar Power Water Fountain Panel with 6 Atta… You don’t want it to be too close to the water (no splash). Whether it’s Koi ponds, a baptismal basin, historic fountain, or commercial waterfall – Valcon has a waterproofing solution for all surfaces. Unlike your pond or pondless waterfall, fountains are too shallow to keep running without inevitably freezing over. Search for: Search. Whether low voltage or mains supply, our range of fountain pumps and accessories offer a wide selection of options. Fountains seem to have an attractive power that makes us want to pause and enjoy the sights and sounds of moving water. $6.88 to $46.99. It’s important to understand the basics of ornamental fountains. This is achieved by connecting an extension tube onto the pump outlet. They’re often just a foam pad and will clog easily if the pond water is dirty. Pond Fountain Pumps Fountain Pumps are very effective at adding water movement and Oxygen to your pond. The Kasco VFX floating fountain produces a unique V-shaped spray pattern designed to maximize aeration. Today’s submersible water pumps have all the electrical connections sealed in a block of epoxy. You can change the spray pattern by squeezing the handle. Fountains are not included. There is usually some type of doughnut shaped float that keeps the whole assembly suspended and the motor as well as the intake pipe will lie below the surface. Sponge Filters: When Should You Prefer Them? It used to be that you could only experience a fountain at a public display like a botanical garden or park. The rain is supposed to flush out the alkaline substances that affect pH. You’ll notice that there are fountain kits designed mainly for ornamental appeal in a back-yard setting and heavy-duty aerating fountains intended for large farm ponds and lakes. The pattern ranges from a fine mist to a hard stream of water. The 50′ power cord and the 150′ mooring line allows for flexible placement in a large body of water. We offer both home and commercial pond fountains for ponds of all sizes. It can be a real life-saver! A pond fountain adds tranquility and visual appeal to your home. LED lighted pond fountains for 1/4 acre to 4+ acre ponds. See more ideas about fountains, water features, garden fountain. Smaller fountain pumps use smaller intake screens. It has a classic "V" pattern and is 6′ tall and 21′ wide. Most backyard fountains are set-up in a pond or large container like a whisky barrel to contain the water. Our range of cost effective water feature pond pumps will help create the perfect waterfall or fountain for your garden display. If your fish are depending on the fountain for aeration, this can be stressful to them, especially in hot weather when the oxygen-carrying capacity of the water is reduced. It comes with a 70-foot submersible, 12-gauge power cable. The main thing to remember is to make the stack stable and flat, so the water pump doesn’t vibrate off the platform. Consult your local electrical codes or an electrician for more details. House it in a weather-proof box and hide it with stones or plants. Waterhouse your supplier of only the best in Water Pumps, Fountain Nozzles, Pond Lights & Mist Makers, Water Features, Pond Accessories, Pond Filters, Pump Spares & Accessories. In some cases, it will be this simple. Based in Prescott WI, Kasco Marine is a family-owned manufacturer supplying pumps and fountains for over 50 years. Pump manufacturers include safety instructions with the pump or fountain kit. FAST 'N FREE. Scott Aerator Display Pond Fountain, Pond Surface Skimmers: Reduce Debris with our 4 Top Picks, Goldfish Foods: the Ultimate Nutrition Guide, Pond Aeration System: 6 Amazing & Energy Efficient Pumps, Auto Pond Food Dispenser: 5 Reliable Feeders Compared, 7 Ideal Filter Systems for Koi Ponds & Small Water Gardens, Best & Easiest Fish Varieties to Stock a Backyard Pond With, Determine the recommended flow rate for the fountain head. The pump floats, reducing the chances of clogging. This resistance to flow, based on height, is called head height. Scott Aerator is a US company located in Michigan. The splashing water will disturb the surface of the water. The maximum flow rate can only be achieved when there is no back pressure on the pump. This means the maximum flow rate is measured with nothing connected to the pump. Most of the falling water will never make it back to the pond, being pushed away by a slight breeze. Good for bird baths and small ornamental displays. Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing LED Pond Light - InFi Color - 1 W - FREE SHIPPING $ 25.99 – $ 113.99 Oase BioPress 1000 Pressure Filter - 7 Watt UVC - 1,000 Gallon Ponds - FREE SHIPPING $ 156.99 – $ 187.99 This is especially important if you’re keeping goldfish and koi. Designed for the AquaStream 1/2 HP Fountain. Their Display line of fountains is designed to maximize splash and water movement with the goal of aerating pond water. Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights, 2. Check out our range of Pond Pumps at your local Bunnings Warehouse. The Patriot Pond floating fountain kit comes with a submersible pump that attaches to the floating fountain head. Fishtankadvisor.com does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. Water sprays almost 6 feet into the air. It’s obvious that the pump is designed to move water. It’s important to keep the pump intake free of algae, leaves and other clogging debris. The kit comes with four different plastic fountain heads. The pond filter should have a filter that can capture and grow good bacteria to help maintain the water’s proper balance. The pond boss 1/4 HP Floating Fountain with Lights aerates the water with a... 2. In fact, there’s a couple of benefits to raising the pump a little. But with fountains the pump’s job is to lift water up through the fountain head and spray it above the water surface. The good news is you don’t have to own a large property to enjoy a fountain. Unfortunately, at night the oxygen level drops because the plants are not producing oxygen. Visit us today for the widest range of Garden Water Feature products. We’ve all seen movies featuring a large private estate complete with a massive water fountain. The pump is encased with a study floating platform. Furthermore, the droplets that splash onto the surface contains oxygen, and oxygen-rich water supports the beneficial bacteria that breaks down pond sludge. Recommended Pond Fountain Kits Reviews 1. If you don’t want to purchase a fountain kit it’s possible to combine a fountain head with a submersible water pump on your own. Flow Rate Another important consideration is the flow rate specification, which can … Family owned USA MFG. It won’t look attractive and the water could actually spray out of the pond! Sizing the fountain kit is important. Solar Fountain Pump, GOCHANGE 1.2W 180L/H Solar Pond Pump, Solar Panel Water Feature Pump, for Garden, Pool, Pond, Aquarium, Fountain, with 4 … The fountain head must extend above the surface of the water to create the desired spray pattern. All submersible water pumps provide the maximum flow rate in gallons per hour. Patterns range from a low bubbly “foamy” form to a delicate “flower-like” spray. The other adorable ideas for the garden that may rarely thought by most of you are the pond and the water fountain. Water features can be fountains, ponds, streams, cascades or waterfalls. The Viajero solar fountain is perfect for these non-demanding applications. Many high-quality water pumps have the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Canadian UL (ULC), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Intertek (ETL) certification, indicating they meet safety standards. The float has integrated solar panels that change a battery. Likewise, using a high-flow head on a tiny pump results in a dribbling, disappointing display. Preparing Your Water Fountain. Commercial fountain heads are usually made of metal like brass. COVID-19 Update to Customers Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. Even if you rent an apartment, there’s a fountain for you. A pond's fountain should be in the middle of the pond, and the waves the fountain … We’ll explain how to select the right fountain and how to install it safely. A submersible pump with a 300 gallon per hour maximum flow rate may only produce 150 gallons per hour flow when it has to push the water 2-feet above the pond surface. Sometimes the bottom of the pond isn’t level. No matter what size water pump you use, electrical safety is important. It can be confusing. But the specification is meaningless for fountain applications. All fountains include multiple spray head patterns. The water sprays up to about 20 inches. This is not a big deal and can be cleaned out with a net. Raising the pump above the “muck” reduces the chances of clogging. With a powerful 3500 GPH pump, the kit will provide a tall, impressive fountain. Patriot Pond Floating fountain with lights, 4. OKMEE Solar Fountain Upgraded 4-in-1 Nozzle, 2.2W Solar Powered Fountain Pump with 4 Water Styles, Solar Bird Bath Fountain for Bird Bath, Pond, Pool, Fish Tank, Aquarium and Garden. The fountain head and extension won’t be completely vertical. The valve allows you to regulate the flow and send excess water back into the pond. Some aeration fountains are designed strictly to send a high volume of water into the air. Keep the pump 12 to 24 inches below the water surface. The fountain kit includes three fountain choices; Gusher (16-18’ tall), Skinny trumpet (10-12’ tall), V display (4-6’ tall) and Multi-tier (4-6’ tall). Water gardens and goldfish ponds should be aerated to keep the water oxygenated. Pond & fountain pumps are a reliable way of keeping water flowing and that's vital for both the look and functionality of your water feature. The fountain head has a built-in 48-LED light array. As you build the platform, make it high enough so that your fountain head extends to the proper level above the water surface. Concrete block, cinder block and dyed concrete pavers are not recommended for pond use. You must have a fountain head to create an attractive spray pattern above the water surface. The parent company, Half-Off Ponds, is located in the US with in-house customer support. If your pond is dirty or filled with algae, take steps to clean the pond and control algae to prevent frequent clogging. Some floating fountains even include lighting for a dramatic display at night. For more information, please check our, If you have questions or comments, please post them, Matching the water pump to a fountain head, 1. since 1997. Larger, more powerful pumps are designed to let stringy algae and leaves to pass through. Direct the water flow toward the pond to make it easier to position the filter. That’s because the higher a pump has to lift water above the water surface, the harder it is for the pump to work. But with a GFCI outlet a short or problem will signal the outlet to automatically shut off (interrupt) the electricity. Smooth brick or stones won’t hurt the pond liner. The falling water reaches about 21 feet in diameter. Use this range to determine the proper sized pump for this fountain head. This increases the transfer of oxygen into the pond. These tend to be gentle and not very splashy. 9 Types of Goldfish You Never Knew You Needed. A larger 4400 VFX 1 HP fountain is also available, providing 8 feet of height and 26 feet of return splash. Whether stocking koi or goldfish, or simply for ornamental use, a fountain or waterfall will help circulate your water and produce a … It eliminates the need to stack bricks or stones. The fountain sprays approximately 40 inches into the air with a diameter of about 30 inches in diameter. In general, as with all electrical devices, prevent the power plug and outlet from getting wet. $7.99 to $26.99. Water features can bring a relaxing atmosphere to any space and are also known for their ability to increase air quality and humidity and decrease noise pollution by drowning out noise with the sound of running water. The pressure and flow rate would destroy a plastic fountain head. Here’s why. Contemporary fountains are constructed on a much smaller scale, and are frequently found in gardens created in a particular style. Lastly, you can also use fountain or spitter pumps to circulate the water and force oxygen in the pond, but as the name suggests, they do well in powering fountains as well. Fountain heads are a type of specialty nozzle. If you happen to touch a live wire, you’ll feel the current passing through your body. Fountain heads that shoot a stream of water high into the air are designed to create a loud splashy sound. Traditional fountains are attached to submersible pumps that usually sit on a stand, shelf, or bottom of the pond. There are many types of fountain heads, each creating a different spray pattern. Many fountain kits use a floating ring to keep the pump close to the surface of the water. Solar-powered fountains seem like a good idea but their usefulness is limited to bird baths and tiny water gardens. The kit comes with a 100-foot power cord. Think about a garden hose nozzle. Also there are 2 primary styles, decorative and aerating fountains. Another benefit is it’s easier to reach the pump when you do need to perform maintenance. The float includes a cage that acts as a pre-filter. The Kasco VFX fountain uses a custom water deflector and pump screen that protects against clogging. The Patriot Pond floating fountain kit comes with a submersible pump that... 3. In most cases water and electric don’t mix. Helps with water clarity, a great way to prevent algae or stagnant water build-up. It’s the best-case scenario to obtain a high flow rate. Those things will be so much awesome because the sound of the water fountain is really relaxing and makes you feel like be among the nature and the pond can be used to nurture fish with lotus on the pond surface to add some beauty. Imagine using a fountain that shoots water twenty feet into the air, in a small backyard pond. The AquaStream™ 1/2HP Floating Fountain brings you large, gorgeous spray patterns so you can enjoy the sites and sounds of water in your backyard. The pond boss 1/4 HP Floating Fountain with Lights aerates the water with a beautiful fountain and illuminates the fountain at night. You’ll be assured everything is compatible. COODIA 660GPH(2500L/H, 110V/45W) Submersible Pump Pond Fountain with Inside Filter and … If you already have a pond or are thinking about installing one, most of the work is complete. The same thing can happen if something goes wrong with the water pump while submerged in the pond. Plus, there’s the idea of mixing electric for the pump and water. Even if you live in a warm climate, it’s a good idea to periodically disassemble the fountain and clean the fountain pump and head. You can have one in your own backyard. We have two brands of floating pond fountains. search keyword. Fountain heads work like the spray nozzle but are designed to create much more beautiful and artistic spray patterns. Water expands as it freezes and can crack pump housings and fountains. Pond keepers do say that old block that has had six months or more exposure to rain are usually safe. If the goal is to circulate a lot of water, aerate and keep goldfish or koi alive, the Kasco VFX line of fountains deserve a close look. Give your pond the attention stealing centerpiece that it needs by choosing from our wide variety of fountains We carry both fountains for small ponds & floating fountains for large ponds & lakes! The kit will include a pump and matching fountain head. A simple water fountain, mounted on a wall, squirts into a shallow brick pond. This will reduce or shut off the water flow to the fountain. The stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor can be left in the pond all winter long. It’s best to leave the fountain running 24/7. Here is a brief description of the fountains that we have available: Kasco J Series Decorative Pond Fountains The J Series is your go to fountain if you are wanting to enhance the class and elegance

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